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Spay Academy Spain is a professional veterinary training academy, based in Spain.

Formed by renowned veterinary professional Dr Luis Sainz-Pardo (MRCVS), the Spay Academy Spain course has been specially designed to provide valuable neutering experience for all qualified vets and final year UK University veterinary students.

Based at Spanish refuge Scooby Medina, the Spay Academy Spain course presents vets and final year UK University veterinary students with an opportunity for guaranteed surgical skill development, through a truly hands-on experience.

Vets are encouraged to develop their canine neutering skills, under expert tuition, with the opportunity to perform a minimum of 8 bitch spays alongside additional surgeries.

This course is perfectly suited to new graduates, those wishing to become more confident with surgery, those who are returning to the industry following a career break AND it is open to all final year UK University veterinary students!

These neutering courses have ben running at Scooby since 2012 and dozens of veterinary surgeons as well as Tutors have benefited from it. Click here if you want to read delegate’s and Tutor’s testimonials or click here if you want to register your interest as one of them.

“Thank you so much for the great course and the great time, Luis and Judy are awesome. This was an excellent experience and an outstanding course!! I have learned so much and I found the course one of the best courses I have attended. I feel so much more comfortable with surgery after only a … Continue reading Clara Garcia

Clara Garcia

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