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Smiles of Success for Spay Academy Spain!

From 13th to 17th February, we were delighted to welcome Clara, Mia and Stefana onto the very first Spay Academy Spain course.

The course was a resounding success with each candidate completing 18 bitch spays EACH over the course of the week!

official veterinary schoolWe are delighted to have been able to deliver on our promise to equip our delegates with “feeling completely confident in performing [neutering] procedures in their daily jobs” – just look at the feedback we’ve received:

“Thank you so much for the great course and the great time, Luis and Judy are awesome. This was an excellent experience and an outstanding course!! I have learned so much and I found the course one of the best courses I have attended. I feel so much more comfortable with surgery after only a … Continue reading Clara Garcia

Clara Garcia

“This course exceeded any expectation that I had. I imagined that the first two days we would be confined to a chair and a desk as our mentors would theoretically talk about different techniques/anaesthetics procedures used in bitch spay. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We arrived at Scooby on Monday and as soon as … Continue reading Stefana Trufin

Stefana Trufin

“The course was great, I learnt so much from Luis and Judy-they were excellent teachers. I have gone from worrying about spays to now being comfortable in what I am doing and can’t thank them enough.  It was a fun and enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to all.” 

Mia Kalyvides

“I discovered an interest in shelter medicine I had no idea I would have.  Charity practice has never appealed to me but I will certainly be volunteering in the future based on this experience.”   

Carolyn Hilton (delegate)

“It has helped me speed up with surgery and I also feel calmer in more stressful situations now. I have a lot more confidence to get on with everything from surgery to even consulting.”   

Jojo Hurren (delegate)

  “Would you tutor this course again?”  “Of course, I will, it has been a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed it.”   

Juan (Tutor)

“Would you tutor this course again?”  “Yes, definitively!! In fact will be gutted if I don’t get to make this a regular thing.”  “Would you recommend others to attend this course?  ”  “Absolutely.  I think this course is invaluable.  I wish I had known about something like this when I graduated.  I think our new graduate … Continue reading Ami (Tutor)

Ami (Tutor)

“It has allowed my bosses and senior vets to trust me more with doing spays on my own.”   

Charlotte Mooney (delegate)

“This course has given me a stronger confidence in my abilities, and I think this will be reflected on the quality and the value of my work. I also think it will make it easier for me to find a good job.“ “I would absolutely recommend it to any friend who wanted to better their … Continue reading Iratxe Sendino (delegate)

Iratxe Sendino (delegate)

“Has helped me a great deal so far – has increased my confidence with other procedures as well as spays. I have already recommended it to my new graduate friends.”   

Rebecca (delegate)

  “How do you think this will affect your work?  Massively. I now not only feel confident with my spays but also efficiently opening up the abdomen and performing proper surveys which will be invaluable for other abdominal surgeries.”   

Simone Cuttler (delegate)

“During the course I met lovely people and regarding to improvement and confidence it was great as now I feel confident enough to perform routine surgeries and I know what I’m doing, what I’m looking for and how I have to react and what I have to do when inconveniences happen”

Olatz Iglesias (delegate)

How do you think this course will help you in your work?    “Yes, definitely. It made me feel more confident with what I am doing and prepare me that I just need more practice.”

Maja Misewicz (delegate)

What did you learn? “I progressed from complete inexperience in surgery to being able to complete a bitch spay by myself. I also refreshed my catheter, sedation and injection skills.” How were the tutors?  “Extremely patient and helpful.”

Noel Coulson (delegate)

We are taking enquiries for our next available course in March – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST today!